Plane crash in St. Andrews Park

On the 30. April 1941 at
around 21.00 hours  a
Wellington bomber on a
training flight but
carrying bombs and
ammunition struck the
cable of a barrage
balloon over Fishponds.  
The cable became
wrapped around a wing.
 The plane flew on
towards St. Andrews
loosing height as it went.  

By now the Wellington
was very low and was
flying just above roof
tops as it flew along Norfolk Road St. Andrews.  The plane hit and sliced off the top of a cedar tree just inside the park at the Maurice road entrance.  The tree survives and it is possible to see that the top is missing.  The metal cable on the wing wrapped itself round an adjacent tree pulling it from the ground.  A courting couple nearby ran for their lives.

The plane slewed round and the tale broke off and bedded itself in the park.  The rest of the plane slid on up hill past what is now the top of the children’s play area and came to rest in flames just short of Summerville road.

Local people rushed into the park to help the crew. These brave people rescued three of the six crew and assisted a balloon operator on duty in the park who was injured.

Pilot officer Kenneth Evans, Sgt. Thomas lever and Sgt. Charles Clarke died in the crash. Flight Sergeant Lawrence Houghton, (pilot) Sgt. John Jones and Sgt. Richard Wish were injured. On the ground AC1.
Alfred Rowlands was  injured.

John Clarke the grandson of Charles Clarke has undertaken many years of research into the crash and a detailed account can be seen on the Internet at

A local community group is planning to erect a memorial stone in St. Andrews Park.